About Us

Our Mission

The mission of GRIPP is to preserve threatened and endangered plant biodiversity through research, education, and service programs.

GRIPP will focus on developing international, interdisciplinary research and educational programs to improve strategies and technologies for multiplication and conservation of plant species of ecological and agricultural importance.

GRIPP will also provide a platform for undergraduate and graduate students as well as other professionals and environmentalists to learn, envision, and disseminate information on plant conservation and environmental consciousness.

Plants play a fundamental role in sustaining all forms of life on the planet through food, fiber, fuel, shelter and medicine.

Unfortunately, one third of all plant species on earth are under threat of extinction due to overharvest, diseases, pollution, and the escalating loss of natural habitats resulting from the activities of a rapidly growing human population.  Rising global temperature and climate changes are further threatening the survival of many plant species. Such rapid loss in plant biodiversity has serious consequences for the health and resilience of all ecosystems and the quality of human life. Undoubtedly, the need to develop efficient and effective strategies for conserving threatened plant species is crucial and urgent.