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GRIPPs Research Program on American Elm and Devotion to Conserving Wildlife Featured by National Post

The elm was, for more than a century, the tree of choice for many Canadian cities: It can grow to more than 35 metres, but its unique vase-shaped canopy makes it the perfect shade tree that doesn’t interfere with power lines. It adapts easily to poor soil quality, transplants well and withstands urban pollutants like road salt.

When Dutch elm disease decimated tree canopies from the 1940s into the 1980s, the Canadian urban landscape was transformed.

Among the victims were three large trees outside the Guelph, Ont., home of bird enthusiast Philip Gosling, 84. Every May, they had been home to orioles; when the trees were cut, the birds never returned…

Cloned Ontario tree gives hope for Canada’s decimated elms