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GRIPPs Efforts to Conserve Plant Biodiversity Through Cryopreservation Featured by Guelph Mercury

Flash-freezing the buds of an endangered plant species could enable its future recovery.

That is part of the impetus behind the work of University of Guelph plant scientist Parveen Saxena, and the hope of the philanthropic Guelph couple supporting Saxena’s frigid work.

Numerous varieties of trees are at risk of extinction from a number of pressures, including climate change, disease, and the destruction of natural habitat. Using cryogenics to freeze tissue samples of that species has proven effective at later cloning and growing the plant, Saxena explained in an interview.

The science is complex, the process a delicate one, but it does offer a way to give endangered plant species a fighting chance at regeneration in the future…

Guelph Mercury: Cold storage could regenerate endangered trees