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GRIPP Education


GRIPP supports training of individuals from all academic backgrounds in areas related to plant propagation and conservation.

There is growing need for increased efficiency and production capabilities within the Canadian Agriculture sector particularly through the development of in vitro technologies. Over the next 10 years one of the greatest challenges for the Canadian biotechnology sector will be to find and hire people with the right skills. More than a third of Canadian Biotechnology companies report skills shortages, with the highest percentage of job vacancies belonging to manufacturing, quality control/assurance, distribution, and research and development.

GRIPP’s novel approach of merging conservation strategies with commercialization provides a unique environment for training of highly qualified personnel in fundamental and applied sciences. In addition to supporting undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral training, GRIPP is actively working to engage individuals and organizations of different ages and backgrounds in fundamental aspects related to plant conservation. This has been achieved through direct training of elementary and high school students, facilitating training of research and industry personnel, organizing workshops, and interaction with public schools.


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