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Botanic Gardens and Research Institutes

As an institute for plant conservation, GRIPP is unique as it is the only research facility in Canada which focuses on propagating species that are endangered or threatened, recalcitrant to propagation in vitro, while also housing necessary infrastructure for long-term preservation of germplasm.

GRIPP currently maintains an in vitro germplasm collection consisting of over 100 spp. and has the capacity to maintain the entire native Canadian plant biodiversity in its cryopreservation facility. By providing long-term storage of plant germplasm with regeneration capabilities, GRIPP offers a unique environment for helping botanic gardens and research institutes to fulfill their mandates for conservation.

Memoranda of understandings have already been signed with the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew and the United States Department of Agriculture to establish collaborative research projects. GRIPP is continuously looking to expand its capacity for conserving endangered and threatened plant species, and welcomes organizations from both the public and private sector to make contact.

GRIPP Cryopreservation Facility

GRIPP’s cryopreservation facility

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