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Braya Pilosa

GRIPP Braya pilosa

Species name

Braya pilosa Hook.

Conservation Status in Canada

According to the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC), this species was listed as endangered in 2013.

Distribution and Habitat

In Canada, hairy braya is endemic to the Northwest Territories with 13 populations being located on the northern portion of Cape Bathurst and nearby Baillie Islands.

Why This Species Matters

Hairy Braya was first reported in 1826 during expedition Sir John Franklin’s with further collections taking place in 1848 and 1850. Recent estimates suggest that 12,000-16,000 mature individuals are still in the wild. It is believed that this species played may have played an evolutionary role for other Braya species.

  • Habitat loss resulting from storm surges and permafrost melting
  • Changes in weather patterns due to climate change
What is GRIPP doing?

In collaboration with Parks Canada, seed from Hairy Braya was collected and germinated in order to establish a living germplasm collection on site at GRIPP. Efforts are currently underway to develop effective cryopreservation and micropropgation protocols that will be used to restore wild populations for the species.

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