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Eastern Flowering Dogwood

GRIPP Flowering Dogwood Cornus florida

Species Name

Cornus florida L.

Conservation Status in Canada

According to the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC), this species was listed as endangered in 2007. It is also listed as schedule 1 and endangered under the Species At Risk Act (SARA).

Distribution and Habitat

In Canada, eastern flowering dogwood is found in the Carolinian Forest ecoregion. Despite being the smallest forest region in Canada, Carolinian forests host the greatest number of native trees and is considered species rich. Carolinian forests have been fragmented severely as a result of urban development, consequently 20% of Canada’s species at risk are found in this region. Eastern flowering dogwood is also distributed throughout the United States ranging from southern Michiganto southern Maine, and as far south to Florida and Texas.

Why This Species Matters

Eastern flowering dogwood is an ecologically important species helping many species to migrate and hibernate by providing food to over 50 species of birds as well as many small mammals in late fall. Eastern flowering dogwood has also been employed medicinally by First Nations peoples.

  • Dogwood anthracnose fungus
  • Habitat loss and fragmentation
What is GRIPP doing?

GRIPP Researchers are currently working to develop in vitro protocols for conserving and propagating eastern flowering dogwood.

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