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Current technologies used for propagating plants through tissue culture have not changed significantly over time. For instance, vessels or bioreactors are not optimized for specific species or cultivars, and are only capable of controlling a limited number of plant growth conditions.

Increased control over these parameters can improve in vitro micropropagation of plant species by allowing species specific growing conditions.

Over the years, GRIPP researchers have worked to push the boundaries in plant tissue culture technology, laying a foundation for innovation in micropropagation through development of custom bioreactor systems for economic crops such as hops, apple and hazelnut. Through development of integrative plant production systems, researchers at GRIPP have been able to help selected industries in Canada tackle supply chain constraints.

These production systems produce plant materials that are physiologically consistent and free of biological and environmental pollutants, making them ideal for world-wide distribution. In addition to enabling the rapid production of plant materials, GRIPPs cryobank can back-up” the genetic diversity, thereby ensuring the long-term security of important economic crops.

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