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Spiritual Botany Magazine

Plants are the mainstay of human life. We receive most of our food, clothes, and homes from plants, interact with tens of thousands of their chemicals every day, yet we often remain unaware of the unique power of plants in enriching our life experiences. To explore the interrelationship between plants, human health and spirituality, Dr. Saxena the current director of GRIPP launched Spiritual Botany Magazine an interdisciplinary online magazine that explores the role of plants and plant-based practices in connecting humans to our environment, health, consciousness, and spirituality.

By bringing together science- and research-based articles, personal pieces, and creative works in one place, Spiritual Botany aims to build a bridge between disciplines and envision new ways of thinking about the interconnections between plants, spirituality, and human health.

Spiritual Botany’s mission is to provide a platform for an interdisciplinary and multi-media exploration of the interconnection between plants, spirituality, and human health.

The Magazine aims to:
  • Explore the importance of plants in the evolution of human communities, religion, rituals, and traditions
  • Foster a greater appreciation for the role that plants play in sustaining a healthy environment, and healthy societies
  • Provide perspectives on the past, present, and future of sacred ceremonial and medicinal plants. In particular, in the context of:
    • The rising global popularity of holistic lifestyles
    • Ongoing discussions about the regulation, effectiveness, and safety of plant-based natural health products
  • Explore current understandings of the role that plants play in spiritual and medicinal practices, in particular, in view of new or recent findings

Submissions may be in the form of essays, commentaries, inspirational passages, photo essays, videos or research reports. For more information please visit the Spiritual Botany Website