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Yukon Draba

GRIPP Yukon Draba

Species name

Draba yukonensis A.E. Porsild

Conservation Status in Canada

According to the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC), this species was listed as endangered in 2011.

Distribution and Habitat

Yukon Draba is only located amongst 3 meadows found in the Dezadeash River valley (Southwestern Yukon). In general species are found growing on flat, well drained soils which are subjected to strong winds, cold temperatures as well as exposure to moderate amounts of rain and snow.

Why This Species Matters

Yukon Draba is believed to be a relict species, as it is found growing on an ancient sandy beaches and spits which formed from Neoglacial Lake Alsek. Relict species are important as they provide clues into Canada’s ecological past.

  • Herbivory and browsing by small mammals
  • Invasive plants such as lucerne and white sweet clover.
  • Road construction
  • Industrial development
  • Natural resource exploration
  • Service corridors
  • Recreational activities
What is GRIPP doing?

In collaboration with Parks Canada, seed from Yukon Draba was collected and germinated in order to establish a living germplasm collection on site at GRIPP. Efforts are currently underway to develop effective cryopreservation and micropropgation protocols that will be used to restore wild populations for the species.

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