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GRIPP initiates and develops multifaceted research programs to further its conservation mandate.

With research personnel specializing in fields related to plant tissue culture, cryobiology, chemistry, molecular biology, physiology and integrated plant production systems, GRIPP interdisciplinary research programs aim to advance knowledge and application of in vitro technologies to provide science-based solutions for preventing the loss of plant biodiversity. These technologies form the basis for conservation and re-establishment of threatened species and can be adopted for applications in forestry, food security, medicinal and ornamental plant industries.

GRIPP Research

Programs developed at GRIPP aim not only to multiply and replant germplasm, but also to unravel mysteries of plant adaptations. GRIPP currently maintains an in vitro germplasm collection comprised of over 100 species from all around the globe, and in 2014 expanded its capacity for conservation by building a cryogenic research facility. In addition to “banking” and redistributing germplasm, GRIPP researchers are actively investigating fundamental questions related to plant science in order to further its conservation mandate, with on-going research in areas related to disease resistance, as well as, plant responses to changing environments.

GRIPP Research