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Our Work

GRIPP’s mission is to preserve threatened and endangered plant biodiversity through research, education, and service programs.


GRIPP Initiates and develops multifaceted research programs to further its conservation mandate.

With research personnel specializing in fields related to plant chemistry, molecular biology, cryobiology, physiology, tissue culture, and production systems, GRIPP research programs aim to provide science-based solutions for preventing the loss of plant biodiversity, by supporting interdisciplinary research programs which advance knowledge and application of in vitro technologies.


Training individuals from all academic backgrounds in areas related to plant conservation.

GRIPP’s novel approach of merging conservation strategies with commercialization provides a unique environment for training of highly qualified personnel in fundamental and applied sciences. In addition to supporting undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral training, GRIPP is actively working with other groups and organizations in order to engage individuals and organizations of different ages and backgrounds in fundamental aspects related to plant conservation.


Resources, expertise, and access to germplasm for conservation and commercialization of plant biodiversity.

GRIPP aims to develop a germplasm collection centre via development of in vitro and cryopreservation technologies. These technologies can then be applied to support local, national and international efforts to conserve and re-establish endangered plant species as well as agronomically important crops in-situ and ex-situ.